Each player will be placed in a group based on their age level:

  • 2nd - 4th —> Group A

  • 5th - 6th —> Group B

  • 7th - 8th —> Group C

These groups will rotate through three different stations:

  1. Indoor Games

    • These are small-sided futsal games against kids within your Group. They take place in the gym, so bring tennis shoes!

  2. Activities and Skill Mini-Games

    • These games range from fun skill games testing accuracy, speed, power, etc. to testing high school keepers in a penalty shoot-out. These games will be held out on the main field.

  3. Large scale games (with Varsity players)

    • These games will take place on the main field. The coaches and participating players are Varsity level and will encourage and have fun with the kids. As an added Bonus, each kid will have their name announced over the stadium speaker by the Varsity announcer prior to game-time. Our objective with this is to encourage young players to see that soccer is a great sport for all ages.

What do you need to bring:

  • Non-Cleat shoes

  • Cleats

  • Shin-guards

  • Water Bottle

  • Weather appropriate clothing (it may be a little chilly)

  • Lunch will not be provided, so bring a snack and/or eat lunch before the camp

What is the specific schedule:

  • 12:00-12:30: Players arrive and check-in

  • 12:30-12:45: Introductions and Warm-ups

  • 1:00-1:50: Stations #1

  • 2:00-2:50: Station #2

  • 3:00-3:50: Station #3

  • 4:00-4:30: Awards and Prizes

  • 4:30-5:00: Player check-out and Autographs from Varsity Players